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Learning Resources

The following learning resources have been compiled to assist students enrolled in AU Spanish courses or for general reference:

Spanish Dictionaries Resources

Spanish Language Resources

  • Typing Spanish Accents: Create the accents needed to write authentic Spanish phrases. Gives Provides step-by-step process for Windows and Mac users.
  • Basic Spanish Words with Pronunciation: Offers the basic words for learning Spanish and links to English-Spanish Dictionaries.
  • Learn how to speak and write business and conversational Spanish by listening and repeating examples and simplified grammar rules.
  • Conjugation Site: Offers lists of the following stem-changing verbs: (o > ue), (e > ie) and (e > i). Also, there is a list of over 35 irregular verbs changing from -cer or -cir to -zco in the yo form.
  • SPALEON: Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer: Practice different Spanish verb forms and verb groups including “Present Tense: Basic Verbs”, “Present Tense: Irregular Verbs”, “Present Subjunctive”, and “Imperfect”.

Spanish Culture Resources

  • Noticias de España y del mundo: A Spanish newsletter, entirely in Spanish and offering society, culture, humour, international and national news, and economics sections.
  • Los tebeos de siempre: Enjoy these cartoons in Spanish.
  • Centro Virtual Cervantes (CVC): Entirely in Spanish, an extensive offering of culture and language resources.
  • Bienvenido a Chile: Offers a map of Chile with interest points and links to further information about these areas. Also, there are links to “News”, “Weather”, “Tourism”, “Government”, “Law”, and “Science”.
  • Cubaweb: Entirely in Spanish with an option to switch to English. Offers info on: News & Media, Tourism & Travel, Government & Politics, Business & Trade, Internet & Technology, Health & Science, Culture & Arts, and Fairs & Events.
  • Diego Rivera Web Museum: “Diego Rivera (1886-l957), muralist painter, was one of the greatest artists in the XXth century”.
  • Foreign Languages for Travelers: Choose the language that you speak and then the language that you want to learn. Then learn basic words, weather, shopping, directions, places, times and dates.
  • Reflects areas of career, politics, books, history, and profile.
  • Latin American Studies: Links to newspapers published in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, United Sates, Venezuela and online publications from and about Latin America.
  • Learn Spanish while using our valuable links to Spanish translators, Spanish-English dictionaries, online lessons, Latin music and Chicano/Latino culture sites. Offers links to free translators on the web, language learning, and verb drills, charts and tests.
  • Real Academia Española: Royal Academy of Spain site—considered the definitive/official site for definitions and grammar questions.
  • Sí, Spain: This interactive service promotes free exchange of information on Spanish current affairs and its historical, linguistic and cultural development.
  • Travlang’s Language and Travel Resources: From travel vocabulary to specifics about currency to information about world-wide hotels.
  • LatinWorld: Resources on Latin America and the Caribbean.

Spanish Search Engines

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